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T5 Transmission Remanufactured Manual Transmission, FORD Applications

T5 Transmission Remanufactured Manual Transmission, FORD Applications


This transmission is a direct replacement for any Ford vehicle with a T5 manual transmissio

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This transmission is a direct replacement for any Ford vehicle with a T5 manual transmission. In order to receive an exact replacement we will need your vehicle Year, Make, Model, Engine Liter Size and if it is 2WD or 4WD.

O.E.M stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our remanufactured transmissions meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.

Every transmission has been built and inspected by an experienced technician. Our techs have an average experience of 10 years. Our remanufactured transmissions are quality checked for smoothness of operation, internal and external leakage, torque output, relief system and flow settings. Each unit is run at an extended length of time at varying engine speeds up to 3500 RPM's.

Some transmissions have inherent flaws causing them to chronically break down. Through many years of experience the manufacturer developed and implemented several procedures that help to prolong the life of your transmission. All wearable parts are replaced with new parts, some examples are: seals, gaskets, and more.

*Special Note: If you are planning a direct transmission swap it is recommended to re-use your existing tail-housing and speedometer gear. This Monster 700R4 Transmission does not come equipped with a new Speedometer Gear. Certain vehicle specific tail-housings may not be available with this unit. In most cases, you will be required to swap your original tail-housing (this will NOT void your warranty). Please Contact Us to purchase a proper speedometer gear for your application or if you are unsure if your tail-housing will need to be reused.

Every company can make big claims about their product and their warranty. But Hand Shake means Hand Shake with Monster. Everyone makes mistakes we are all human after a premature failure on our transmission (and I am about 75% sure it was my fault but there was no finger pointing just get it to us and we will make it right. 13 days total I had my transmission back (and living in Texas 7 days of the 13 it was on the road 4 there and 3 back) but I want to stress is that anybody can claim anything but Great People and Great Companies do what they say no questions asked. All my Transmissions will be Monster for now on and all the other Transmission Companies can Eat My Shift!
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I''m so glad I found you guys on the internet.
I recently found you guys on the internet. I''ve been having some transmission issues and I spoke to Steve in the Tech department. He was very professional and answered all of my questions and then some. He gave me information that I was not aware of that was extremely helpful in me making my decision to make the purchase I made from your company. He was extremely helpful. I''m so glad I found you guys on the internet. It was been a long time since I have contacted someone from the internet and I received the extremely good service that Steve provided for me. Thank you
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