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Our Facility

Monster Transmission located in sunny Brooksville, FL doesn’t just sell Transmissions, they re-manufacture, completely rebuild, and quality inspect every single one before it leaves the building. First check out our video to learn more about our transmissions. Then scroll below to see the steps, the photos, and a look inside of what it takes to build a Monster Transmission. First check out our video to learn more about our transmissions. Then scroll below to see the steps, the photos, and a look inside of what it takes to build a Monster Transmission.

Thanks for visiting us and feel free to call or contact us for any questions you might have.

(800) 708-0087 :: Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm.

Monster Transmission Main Offices and Production

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Employees taking calls at their workstations Cork board with feedback and decorative text saying we build relationships Large steel building with company logo overhead image of production line and workstations Overhead shot of the entire production facility

Transmission Core Inventory

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Transmission cores sitting on racks Transmission cores on racks as fars as the eye can see

Once an order is placed, the information is transferred to one of our Lead Technicians in the Tech Review Department. This is where all of the technical details of your order are verified. A Quality Control Form is then assigned to the order and stays with the transmission as it travels through each Department. All of our transmission cores are brought in and accounted for. Using our inventory system we hand pick each core. Inspecting it for any obvious cracks or issues. After that initial check is approved it’s sent off to the Tear Down Department.

Transmission Tear Down and Cleaning

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Production member working with a transmission transmission cores sitting on carts waiting to be cleaned Transmission being worked on by a production member

In the Tear Down Department they’ll hand clean each transmission core with pneumatic air tools while inspecting each one for any issues. When all the main crud and grime is cleaned they are then placed in one of our many high heat water cleaning units. This really gets the mess out of all the crevices and corners.

After an entire cleaning, the transmission is thoroughly checked again and prepped for coating; whether painted, or our new patent pending ViziKoat process. When it leaves the Tear Down Dept., you can eat off of our super clean transmission cases.

Quality Control and Transmission Parts

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Production member inspecting transmission parts Mechanic organizing transmission parts Overhead of production workstations

Transmission Inspection and Quality Control

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Computer screen displaying mock dyno results transmission hooked up to the dyno Dyno testing area

Shipping and Receiving

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Transmissions packaged neatly and ready to ship A box packed and ready to ship with company logo overhead view of shipping with transmission packed

Crossing the Finish Line! The last step in the making of a Monster Transmission is the Freight Department. This is where it receives the finishing touches that we are known for. One last inspection and cleaning is performed to make sure the order is 100% complete. From top to bottom, inside and out, every transmission that leaves the door must meet our extremely high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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