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Identify Your Transmission

GM Transmissions

GM Power Glide
 2 Speed Transmission


GM Turbo 200 and 200C
3  Speed Transmission


GM Turbo 2004R
( 2004R Transmission)
Overdrive Transmission


GM Turbo 350 and 350C
(TH350 Transmission)
 3 Speed Transmission


GM Turbo 400
TH400 Transmission
 3 Speed Transmission

1965 and Newer

GM 700R4 (4L60)   not 4L60E shown below
700R4 Transmission  |  4L60E Transmission
Overdrive Transmissions

1982 and 1992
(700R4 & 4L60)
1993 and Newer (4L60E)

GM 4L80E
4L80E Transmission
Overdrive Transmission

1991 and Newer

Ford Transmissions

Ford C-4
C4 Transmission
 3 Speed Transmission


Ford A4LD
A4LD Transmission
Overdrive Transmission

1985 and Newer

Ford C-6
C6 Transmission
 3 Speed Transmission

1966 and Newer

Ford AOD, AODE, and 4R70W
AOD Transmission  |  AODE Transmission  |  4R70W Transmission
Overdrive Transmissions

1980-1991 (AOD)
1991 and Newer
(AODE & 4R70W)

Ford E40D
E4OD Transmission
Overdrive Transmission

1989 and Newer

Chrysler Transmissions

Chrysler 904, 998, and 999
3 Speed Transmissions

1960 and Newer

Chrysler 727
727 Transmission
 3 Speed Transmission

1962 and Newer


Chrysler A500

Overdrive Transmission

1988 and Newer

Chrysler A518 and A618
A518 Transmission  |  A618 Transmission
Overdrive Transmissions

1990 and Newer


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