The 2004R is the small car answer to the 700R4 that was released by Chevrolet for their larger cars and trucks. All transmissions of this make have a mechanical speedometer gear, making swapping this into a vintage muscle car all the more easier. All these transmissions also come with the feature of a locking torque converter, allowing for no slipping at highway speeds and improved fuel economy as a result. Provided are a mild, heavy duty, and super sport style, with each having a higher horsepower rating.
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Recommended for Small Block engines producing up to 250hp/225tq
$1,623.24 $1,099.00
Recommended for Small Block engines rated up to 375hp/350tq
$1,832.25 $1,299.00
Recommended for Small Block engines rated up to 475hp/525tq.
$2,147.25 $1,699.00

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