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Performance & Quality

Monster Transmission & Performance is the premier supplier of all automotive transmission types. From youth soccer moms to speed-demon dads, our focus is on providing quality transmissions and quality experience at an awesome value.

We are the Leading Source for Transmissions that Shift Better and Last Longer! When it comes to transmissions, no other retail store or website provides this level of commitment to their clients. We are dedicated to giving you the technical support you need when you need it! If you are installing your transmission that was purchased from Monster Transmission then our extended on duty transmission sales and support hours of 8am - 7pm Eastern Time will be there for you.

Remanufactured Transmissions

Vehicle transmissions are as necessary to your drivetrain as the engine. However, not all transmissions are remanufactured the same way. Unless you're a "car guy", you may not know that transmissions can be re-manufactured with a firmer shift and set with various shift points.

We are transmission experts, with enough remanufactured transmission options to meet all of your needs. Monster Transmission builds and quality inspects transmissions that meet and exceed every expectation. Our large transmission selection and transmission cores inventory, combined with our Positive Testimonials and Reviews, Un-rivaled Warranty, and Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff is why we are the world's authority for remanufactured transmissions.

Review all of our re-manufactured transmissions and complete detailed descriptions helping you to determine which transmission is right for you.

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