700R4 SS Transmission Master Conversion Package 2WD
700R4 SS 2WD Transmission Master Conversion Package

700R4 SS Transmission Master Conversion Package 2WD

Shift into Overdrive with this complete kit rated up to 650 HP



Product Available
Torque Converter
Torque Converter Perf Upgrades
Shift Firmness
Case Color (shades may vary*)
TV Cable Items included with this kit
Universal Fit Throttle Cable with metric bolt Chrome Throttle Cable Bracket
Carburetor specific TV Cable options
Holley Carburetor TV Cable Corrector Kit [+$27.00]
Edelbrock Carburetor Throttle Valve Corrector [+$43.00]
Speedometer Items Included & pre-installed
Speedometer Driven Gear Housing Support Bracket & O-Ring
Speedo Setup (this info will help increase the speedometer accuracy)
Pan Style
Included Accessories with this package
Chrome Pan Fillertube & Dipstick Linkage Nut 2 Brass Coolant Line Fittings Metric Converter Bolts Univ Trans Mount w/bolts External Lock-Up Kit Trans Cooler Kit Univ Dust Cover
12 Qts. of Burn Rubber Brewery Premium Synthetic Trans Fluid [+$149.93]
Optional Power Upgrades
Heavy Duty Billet Input Shaft/Drum Upgrade Installed (recommended for 396ci-up engines) [+$777.00]
Heavy Duty Billet Drum Upgrade w/o Shaft [+$445.00]
6 Pinion 2.84 Gear Ratio Change Front Planetary Upgrade [+$650.00]
Core and Warranty Options (Please Select One)
A) Returna core using our Core Return Service within 30 days of shipment - 90 Day Warranty activated when core received [+$350.00]
B) No Core will be returned - Pay Core Fee to Activate 90 Day Warranty [+$500.00]
WOWanty Options
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