200-4R HD Transmission Master Conversion Package
200-4R HD Transmission Master Conversion Package

200-4R HD Transmission Master Conversion Package

The 200-4R has a 2.74 ratio in first gear, which is about 18% lower than most transmissions. The overdrive will give an estimated 20 to 30% increase in gas mileage on the road when compared to a 3-speed transmission.



Product Available
Torque Converter
Shift Firmness
Case Color (shades may vary*)
Pan Style
TV Cable Items
Universal Fit Throttle Cable with metric bolt Chrome Throttle Cable Bracket
Additional TV Cable Items
Holley Carburetor TV Cable Corrector Kit [+$27.00]
Edelbrock Carburetor Throttle Valve Corrector [+$43.00]
Additional Popular Accessory
Forward Drum Upgrade Installed (recommended for 350ci-up engines) [+$299.00]
Speedometer Items
Factory Speedometer Driven Gear Housing Support Bracket & O-Ring
Speedo Setup (this info will help increase the speedometer accuracy)
Included Accessories
Fillertube & Dipstick Linkage Nut 2 Brass Coolant Line Fittings Metric Converter Bolts Univ Trans Mount w/bolts External Lock-Up Kit Trans Cooler Kit Univ Dust Cover
12 Qts. of Burn Rubber Brewery Premium Synthetic Trans Fluid (Your Trans will be thirsty!) [+$149.93]
Core and Warranty Options (Please Select One)
A) We'll pick up and Build Your Original Core - 3 Yr Warranty activated when order ships [+$200.00]
B) Return your core using our Core Return Service within 30 days of shipment - 3 Yr Warranty activated when core received [+$350.00]
C) No Core will be returned - Pay Core Fee to Activate 3 Yr Warranty [+$500.00]
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