AX4S Transmission Remanufactured 2WD
Remanufactured 2WD AX4S Transmission

AX4S Transmission Remanufactured 2WD

30 Days w/ No Converter Purchase
1 Yr w/ Converter Purchase (Standard)
3 Yr w/ Converter Purchase (Limited Time-$299 Value FREE)
Core and Warranty Options (Please Select One)
A) We'll pick up and Build Your Original Core - 3 Yr Warranty activated when order ships [+$100.00]
B) Return your core using our Core Return Service within 30 days of shipment - 3 Yr Warranty activated when core received [+$225.00]
C) No Core will be returned - Pay Core Fee to Activate 3 Yr Warranty [+$500.00]
D) I will Not return a core or pay a core fee. I choose to opt out of any warranty coverage. [+$0 ]
E) Local Core Drop off. (Come visit our Service Center! We offer installation!) [+$0 ]
Warranty Information (Check Box to Acknowledge)
All warranties are contingent upon core returns and/or fees. If the core is not returned within 30 days or a core fee is not paid I am choosing to opt out of any warranty coverage.
White Glove WOWanty Upgrade
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