MonStar of the Week

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 6/26/2017 to Monster Trans News 0 Comments
It’s Monday again, and besides that meaning a lot of coffee, another MonStar Monday is upon us, where we get together to choose who was our best worker of the week. Our MonStar of this week was Felicia Hess, the Team Leader of Client Care.

Burn Rubber Brewing is Here

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 6/20/2017 to Monster Trans News 0 Comments
The year is 1905. Teddy Roosevelt is beginning his second term in office, the first Rotary Club was called together, and an automobile exceeds 100 mph for the first time. All these were significant events, but in the home of Papou Da’ Clutch, something else entirely was brewing. Monster Transmission is proud to announce the launch of our new automatic transmission fluid, Burn Rubber Brewing Company’s Synthetic Cider. This project is more than a year in the making and the day is finally here.

MonStar of the Week

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 6/19/2017 to Monster Trans News 0 Comments
As is tradition here at Monster, every Monday after lunch starts with a company wide gathering to brief the crew of the upcoming week and to also name the MonStar of the week, the hardest working employee in Monster.

Mon-Star Mondays

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 6/13/2017 to Monster Trans News 0 Comments
Here at Monster Transmission, we like to see our workers as our Monster family. As such, we do our best to recognize all of their hard work and reward them for it. Every Monday here at Monster, the entire workforce gathers for a company wide meeting on the main factory floor to determine who will be what is called the Mon-Star of the week...

Monster Helps Recreate Iconic Jump

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 6/7/2017 to Monster Trans News 0 Comments
40 years ago, we were introduced to the wild, renegade driver known as Bandit. Played by Burt Reynolds, Bandit took up the task of protecting and delivering a truckload of illegal Coors beer to Atlanta in just over 24 hours. Along the way, he is chased by a relentless Texas sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason) and other highway patrol officers.

Monster Transmission Internship - A Monster-Tunity for the Future

Posted by Monster Transmission on 6/6/2017 to Monster Trans News 0 Comments

Monster Transmission recently gained some new helping hands. On June 5, ten new interns began their first day of work at Monster. This is the first time that Monster has taken on interns as hires, though if the program is a success there is the chance this could become a recurring theme for Monster.

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