We Can Rebuild Your Original ID Number Transmission Case

When in need of a new or remanufactured transmission, many Classic Car owners prefer to rebuild their existing unit to maintain and protect authenticity.  The numbers on a transmission's id tag will match the vehicle if the transmission is original.  Monster Transmission respects the pride classic car owners take in knowing that their vehicle is all original.

In order to have the original case rebuilt, clients can simply ship their core to Monster. This core will be used in the remanufacturing process to retain the transmissions original numbers for matching purposes.

To take a step further in ensuring authenticity, clients can choose to leave their case unpainted instead of our traditional silver industrial paint color. This adds another method to protect the authenticity of the transmission. 

With this reman, clients can still expect the same Monster quality control, attention to detail, and customer service that every client build receives. In the tradition of going above and beyond, project restoration clients can anticipate free shipping of their completed transmission, in most cases a free 3 year, unlimited mileage WOWanty, and LIVE webcams through the entire rebuild. This revolutionary MonsterVision adds an extra layer of assurance by allowing the client to watch their transmission in every step of the remanufacturing process. 

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