Watch Monster Transmission Featured On Fast N' Loud

See Monster Transmission on Fast N' Loud

Check out Monster Transmission featured on Fast N Loud on Discovery Channel!

Aaron and Richard were challenged once again by Hot Wheels to create another custom ride for their "Red Line Club". The 1963 Econoline Truck pays homage to the early dragsters from the '60s. They converted the 700 HP engine to the rear and attached a C6 Heavy Duty Monster Transmission along with it. Check out the clip below!

Aaron and Richard took a chance in overhauling this beautiful red 1967 Cadillac Deville Convertible. Needing more power for this risky build, they converted to a Monster TH400 transmission! Check out the clip below!

Gas Monkey Garage Transmission, Fast and Loud Transmissions custom built by Monster Transmission.

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