What Is Monster's Process In Building A Transmission?

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 8/14/2017 to Monster Trans News
Is waiting for your Monster transmission worth it? In short? ABSOLUTELY!! At Monster, our products are custom built to fit the desires of every individual client, no matter how wild or crazy they might be. You want your transmission looking like it’s covered in hundred dollar bills? Monster can do that. You want the best torque that the converter can handle? No problem. The time it takes us to send your transmission out to your front door all depends on one factor: how awesome you want it to be. 

Your Monster’s process starts from the moment you talk with one of our helpful sales representatives. They get all the info that you need, from the make and model of the car you are using all the way down to the types of gears you want running in the speedometer. Anything you want in your build, Monster will do. 

From there, the information is sent to our tech crew to pick the best quality transmission from our wide stock available to choose from. Along the way, Monster performs numerous quality control checks to make sure everything is in order in the process, which includes calling our clients to provide them with updates on how the build is going, to ensure them of our dedication to them and their order. 

After choosing the unit, it is sent to the Tear Down department where they take everything apart piece by piece to remanufacture everything from the ground up. At Monster, we don’t just take worn down parts and replace what might be needed and leave the rest as it is. We tear it down to the bare casing and refit the unit with any and all wearable items as well as making sure the more durable parts are able to continue lasting for a long time. These units are hand cleaned so by the end of the process, they will be looking as they had just been cleared from the factory line. 

After being taken apart, the next step is, of course, building the transmission back together again. The unit is sent to one of our master builders, some having years, even decades of experience working with transmissions, so your unit is in good hands with them. The parts that are used in the build process come straight from our parts department, where each piece is custom made and shaped to fit the specifications of you, our valued client. 

Once the transmission is looking better than new from our builders, it is handed over to the testing department. Something we do at Monster that no other transmission company in the world does is we take each and every transmission unit and add them to one of our very one test vehicles and take it on a real road test, running all kinds of checks to make sure once and for all that the transmission is in the best working order. 

Our final step in the Monster process is the Finish Line. Our Freight Department gives your Monster the finishing touches it needs, including any extra requests that the client might have made before giving the unit a final quality check and cleaning it to make your Monster the shiniest on the block. Your unit is then shipped to your front door, complete with a custom made crate to fit the specifications of the design to ensure there is no rolling around in the shipping process, eliminating the chance of any damage that might arise during the delivery. 

So as you can see, the wait for your Monster is absolutely worth the time. We want to make sure that you, our valued client, gets exactly what you want from us. Sure the wait might take some time to get from picking the unit to shipping it out to you, but that is only because we want you to feel satisfied with the finished result. We take no shortcuts here, nothing gets skipped over, we handle everything carefully and in house. You can even watch us put together your unit through our special Monster Trans-Vision service, where we have live cameras running 24/7 through every department that handles the building process. None of our transmissions are just pulled off a shelf, given a spit shine, and shipped out to you in a rundown box. We take the time to present you with the absolute best, and the absolute best is Monster Transmission.

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