Transmission Cooler Return Line Chart | GM, Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Jeep

Trans Cooler Return Line Chart

Transmission   Location
  Chrysler / AMC
404, 413, 470     Top
41TE, 41AE, (604)     Front
42LE     Top
4HP18 (AMC)     Usually water cooled
500, 518     Rear
670     Top
727 (TF-8)     Rear
904 (TF-6, all versions)     Rear
999 (32RH)     Rear
AR4 (Premier)     Usually water cooled
AW4 (Jeep)     Rear
KM-170 & 175 Series (Mitsubishi)     Hose closest to differential
F4A, F3A-Series (Mitsubishi)     Hose closest to differential
W4A-Series (Mitsubishi)     Hose closest to differential
MB1, MB2 (AMC/Renault)     Bottom
45RFE     Bottom
30-40LE     Rear
JM600 (4N71B)     Rear
3N71B (Jatco)     Rear
4EAT (Probe)     Line nearest pump
A4LD     Top
AOD (FIOD, AOT)     Bottom
AODE, 4R70W     Top
ATX     Line nearest pump  
AXOD     Bottom
AXODE (AX4N, AX4S)     Bottom
C-3     Rear
C-4, C-5     Rear
C-6     Rear
CD4E ('94 and later Probe)     Line nearest pump
E4OD     Rear
F4EAT (Escort, Tracer)     Line nearest pump
FMX (all cast iron units)     Rear
4R44E/55E, 5R44E/55E     Upper
5R55N/W     Top
4F20E     Rear
4F27E     End Cover
  GM / Chevrolet
125, 125C (3T40)     Top
180, 180C (3L30)    Rear
200, 200C     Bottom
200-4R     Bottom
300 (ST300)     Top
325, 325-4L     Top
350, 350C     Top
4L30E (Isuzu)     Rear
4L60E     Top
4L80E     Lower front  
4T40E     Lower
4T60E, 4T65E     Horizontal case fitting
4T80E     Main case fitting (not channel plate)
400, 375, 475 (3L80, 3L80H)     Top
425     Outer line furthest from converter
440-T4 (4T60)    Horizontal (smaller brass) case fitting
700-R4 (4L60)     Top
Sprint (MX17)     Bottom
Spectrum (Toyota A130L)     Bottom
Nova 3 speed (Jatco F3A)     Bottom, line nearest pump
Nova 4 speed (Toyota A240E)     Bottom
Aluminum Power Glide     Top
Allison 1000     Cooler Manifold
03-72LE (A44DE)     Rear
2, 3, 4, and 5 speed     Line nearest differential
L4, ML4A     Line on case (not bellhousing)

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