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Thank you for your purchase! Here at Monster Transmission, we care about getting your order right the first time. Please carefully review your invoice and order details as soon as possible.  Our Account Managers will do their best to communicate with you and ensure your purchase will be a delightful experience. Note, the final decision on the specifics of your order, such as vehicle application, input/output shaft lengths, splines, engine specs, etc.  are ultimately your call. Monster Transmission & Performance will not be liable for labor, shipping costs, or other incidental charges related to an incorrectly ordered product(s). Your signed order verification represents your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Please inspect the packaging when receiving your Monster Transmission product(s). Shipments are insured, therefore, claims for damage must be made with the freight company. Never sign for a damaged product without notating the shipping paperwork. Do not return the merchandise to Monster Transmission unless prior arrangements have been made.  Products returned freight collect will be refused and returned at the client’s expense.

Review the content of your order upon receipt.  You must contact Monster Transmission & Performance within 3 calendar days of delivery to report any missing or incorrect items.  Any claims regarding missing items or refunds will be forfeited upon the 4th day.


***WOWanty becomes active on ship date once Core/Core Fee has been received***

All WOWanties are contingent upon core returns and/or fees. If the core is not returned within 30 calendar days or a core fee is not paid in full within 90 calendar days of delivery, the WOWanty becomes null and void. Any and all core returns must be scheduled and authorized by our Core Department prior to return to Monster Transmission & Performance.  If a core deposit was taken on your order, the deposit refund will be issued back to the original purchaser either via check or credit card.

All transmission cores returned for credit or WOWanty activation must be the exact replacement of the transmission purchased. The core must be complete, intact/assembled, and in rebuildable condition, and accompanied by the torque converter. Cores returned that are damaged in transit or missing components and/or the torque converter will require payment of the core fee to activate the WOWanty.  All transfer case cores returned for credit or WOWanty activation must be the exact replacement of the transfer case purchased. The core must be complete, intact/assembled, and in rebuildable condition.

If you have elected to OPT-OUT of the WOWanty by choosing not to return a core or pay a core fee, you hereby forfeit any and all WOWanty coverage, service and support. You have made an “AS-IS” purchase. If for some reason you change your mind later, we will offer you a discount on a new transmission.

You further agree to allow Monster Transmission & Performance to charge you credit card any and all costs associated with the collection of said costs. A signed warranty slip must be returned to Monster Transmission & Performance before any warranty service will be provided. This Limited Warranty and Terms & Conditions of Sale Agreement are subject to the laws of Florida. Any action brought or held on the basis of the Limited Warranty and/or Terms & Conditions of Sale Agreement will be brought and held in the courts located in Hernando county, Florida. The client assumes any and all legal fees, including attorney costs for both parties, if the client is determined to be guilty in the court of law.


Transmissions supplied from Monster Transmission & Performance (referenced as “MTP”) are deemed to be quality inspected. This limited prorated WOWanty shall only cover the original purchaser. The WOWanty is not to be extended to any other party and is non-transferrable.  (a fee based option may be available with proof of purchase/invoice) Any other products offered by MTP are sold “AS-IS” unless they come with their own specified manufacturer warranty. 'Extended' or 'Doubled' Warranty coverage will follow the same guidelines, terms and conditions as Monster Transmission's standard warranty coverage. 'Extended' or 'Doubled' Warranty coverage does not include or extend White Glove Premium Wowanty upgrade. 'Extended' or 'Doubled' Warranties are offered at select times of the year, all units purchased with 'Extended' or 'Doubled' Warranty coverage at these times will have coverage for an additional time period that is the equivalent of the original warranty time period. Coverage for this additional time period will follow the prorated scale as seen below.

Under the WOWanty, the MTP labor to repair the unit and covered soft-parts will be charged on the prorated scale. The terms of this WOWanty are prorated as follows:

Within the First 90 Days: 100% of any repairs performed by Monster Transmission.

3 - 12 Months:  Covers 80% of any repairs performed by Monster Transmission.

12 - 24 Months:  Covers 60% of any repairs performed by Monster Transmission.

24 - 36 Months: Covers 40% of any repairs performed by Monster Transmission.

36 - 72 Months:  Covers 40% of any repairs performed by Monster Transmission.

Our build levels are organized into 3 main categories:  1. Mild and Heavy Duty 2. SS and 3. SS-Xtreme. The MTP WOWanty duration is dependent on the level of your build/purchase and will be listed on the invoice.  Once our WOWanty Department authorizes a repair, MTP will determine a course of action that may include repair at an authorized facility or return to MTP for repair or replacement.  If the unit is to be repaired, labor will be paid to an authorized facility at $50.00 per hour based on ALLDATA. WOWanty time paid for repairs has a cap of 6 hours, and must be approved in writing by a Monster WOWanty representative prior to any work being performed.

Limited Prorated WOWanty does not cover any of the following:

  • Any and all freight costs including freight damage claims.

  • Fluid, rental cars, loss of wages, any labor costs not associated with a previous agreement made by Monster Transmission & Performance.

  • Removal/reinstall fees, towing costs, diagnostic fees and any other incidental costs or damages which may be associated with product failure are not covered.

  • Any product that has been physically altered, improperly installed or maintained.  

  • Any product used in an improper application, abused or not used in connection with the proper parts.  

  • Any product that is defective due to accident, neglect or unauthorized repair.  

  • Any product where proper cooling and or fluid levels have  not been maintained.

  • Pump, pump components, shafts, sprags, drums, planetaries and/or cases.  These parts are not commonly broken, however in the event this occurs, MTP offers replacement parts at a discounted price.

The White Glove Premium WOWanty Upgrade covers up to $1,000 worth of Shipping, Labor, and Fluid costs. It is not redeemable for cash and any reimbursement requests must be accompanied by a Paid Receipt.

There are no WOWanties that extend beyond the description on the face of this document. Rebuilding of transmissions will be limited to replacement of friction materials, gaskets and seals, there will be an additional charge for parts that are damaged as a result of items not covered by this WOWanty.

MTP recommends that all transmissions and torque converters are installed by ASE certified transmission technicians to obtain optimal performance.  These are highly complex drivetrain components and failure to have a unit professionally installed may result in unnecessary issues and a potential loss of WOWanty.


Transmission cooler lines must be flushed to avoid using old oil or metal shavings from previous transmission.  High performance and towing applications must install an auxiliary transmission oil cooler. TV Cable (when necessary) must be adjusted properly for adequate function of the transmission.  Any and all repairs or tampering made to a product by the client or an agent acting on behalf of the client without prior written authorization by a MTP WOWanty representative will result in loss of WOWanty.  Transmissions & Torque Converters with a WOWanty of longer than 90 days, must have the transmission/torque converter serviced every 24 months or 24,000 miles with a “Monster Service Kit”. When filing a WOWanty claim, you must provide a copy of your service receipt to show proof that the products have been properly maintained.  This includes but is not limited to transmission/converter fluid flush and change. The WOWanty becomes null and void once any transmission is installed in conjunction with a used torque converter. MTP reserves the right to deny WOWanty coverage if the issue is determined not to be manufacturer related. For WOWanty Authorization, contact MTP at 800-708-0087.


During the WOWanty period, if it is determined that a unit will be replaced, the first unit must be received back at the MTP facility prior to shipment of the new unit.  In the event a client would like this process expedited, a new unit will be charged full price upfront, with a refund/store credit to be processed upon receipt of the original unit within 30 calendar days. Any and all shipping costs are to be paid by the purchaser.  If a product is incorrectly ordered it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to return the product for an exchange (no exchanges on damaged products).  MTP reserves the right to inspect defective products before an exchange is made. The client will receive an estimate for any repair recommended that is not covered by this agreement.  Client will have 30 days to accept repair and make payment or have unit shipped back if applicable.


All returns must be pre-authorized by MTP and accompanied by a RMA number. Product returns are available on most but not all orders. All returns are subject to the Production and Processing Fee and a Restocking Fee (25% on un-used products, 50% on used products, no returns on damaged products) and must be returned within 30 calendar days of ship date.  Upon approval, all merchandise should be sent freight prepaid and insured to a MTP specified facility. MTP is not liable for any taxes, duties or shipping fees for domestic or international shipments. In-stock orders cancelled prior to shipping are subject to the production and processing fee and 25% custom order handling fee, and 50% on special orders.  There are NO returns on custom builds or special orders. Special orders, Custom Built products, layaway deposits/down payments, financed orders, electronics, fluid/oil, paint, custom parts, adapters and installation services, core fees, labor, and shipping are non-refundable. Any and all returns processed for a refund are offered as Store Credit, directly to the original purchaser only. Absolutely no refunds after 30 days.


Monster Transmission & Performance does not offer a warranty on any products, they offer a WOWanty!

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