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Superior |  U140-U241 and U150-U250 Series Valve Body

Superior | U140-U241 and U150-U250 Series Valve Body



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The New TransLab Engineered U140-240-241 Series and U150-151-250 Series Valve Body Upgrade Kit virtually eliminates codes/slips/flairs, soft/erratic shift applies, various shift error/ T.C.C.codes, lock-up clutch overheating and hydraulically induced runaway line pressures.<div><br></div><div><div>This new kit also improves control of mainline, converter, B3 clutch and accumulator regulation along with improved cooler and lube circuit flow. Our Sure-Cool Pressure Regulator Stabilization eliminates hydraulically induced runaway line pressures.</div><div><br></div><div>

* Includes Real Steel O-ringed end plugs to replace worn, damaged or broken pressurized bore plugs&nbsp;</div><div>
* Addresses the poor lube flow related issues (planetary overheating)</div><div>
* Cures 2-3 3rd shuttle type shifts that accompany a 2-3 cut-loose slip that eventually bun direst frictions</div><div>
* Special steps &amp; tech included for higher capacity lock-up and clutch apply for better shift quality in Taxi/Van, H.D. fleet &amp; rough service vehicles (RAV4/Sienna Van/Highlander)</div></div> 
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