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Superior | PR210 E40D Pressure Riser Package
PR210 Superior E40D Pressure Riser Package

Superior | PR210 E40D Pressure Riser Package

700R4 Bearing Kit Kit Includes: 1- Stater to Input Drum Bearing 1- Input Drum to Sunshell Gear Bearing 1- Front Planet to Reaction Shaft Bearing 1- Rear Hub to Case Bearing 1- Rear Planet to Support Bearing

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Individually packaged Superior Pressure Risers are complete with everything you need to service one unit including easy to read instructions. Simply choose from Standard, Heavy Duty or Heavy Duty + applications and order the Pressure Riser Package that you feel is right for the job.

1. E40D (Diesel) Transmission through 89-E'93 for heavy duty.
2. E40D (All) Transmission through L'93-00 for heavy duty.
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