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Superior | Honda 5 Speed MDKA Valve Body Type

Superior | Honda 5 Speed MDKA Valve Body Type

Replacement teflon seals used with the (#K4HP22) clutch correction package. (3) Replacement seals for K4HP22 Contents service 3 transmissions.

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Superior Valve Body Upgrade kits for HONDA/ACURA are THE TOTAL PACKAGE . 

Each kit contains unit specific fixes, concise tech and features that ease Shift Concerns while Enhancing Flow Control and Converter Lock-up operation they are  taking the heat  off of you and your rebuild. See why the latest kits released are the  Must Use  when tackling the most popular units.

Lockup codes, clutch burnout, T.C.C. slip/shudder at low rpm 
* Lockup clutch drag in gear @ idle 
* Light to mid throttle 1-2 shudder 
* Double bump reverse to drive engage when hot 
* 1-2 slide bump 
* Erratic, slip, or bump shifts
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