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Superior | Honda 4 SP 6CYL VB Upgrade Kit W/.388 CPC Valves

Superior | Honda 4 SP 6CYL VB Upgrade Kit W/.388 CPC Valves



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VEHICLE APPLICATION: STL-HO4-388 (4 Speed 6 Cylinder) Honda Odyssey 3.5L 1999-2001 B7TA B7YA; Honda Accord 3.0L 1998-2002 B7XA; Acura 3.0 CL 1996-2000 B7ZA M7ZA; Acura 3.2 TL 1999 B7VA / M7VA THIS KIT ELIMINATES OR REDUCES THE FOLLOWING COMPLAINTS: 

* Lockup codes & clutch burnout&nbsp
* TC slip/shudder at low rpm in 3RD gear below 36 mph
* Lockup clutch drag in gear @ idle
* Long, delayed, or double bump reverse to drive engage when hot
* Light to mid throttle 1-2 shudder
* 1-2 slide bump
* Erratic, slip, or bump shifts (sticking CPC valves / leaking plugs
* Converter/case bearing "walk"&nbsp THE KIT INCLUDES:
*The new state of the art TransLab engineered SURE-Cool Pressure Regulator system (Patent Pending) that furnishes "steady stream, progressive rate, dual pressure regulation" with "single function extended range"
* No-Stick CPC valves with No-Leak plugs and recalibrated springs
* Special R-D orifice plug
* Accumulator re-cal parts
* Easy to follow instructions and tech THE KIT PROVIDES:
* Reliable converter charge in all ranges = longer lasting converter life
* Increased cooler flow with Improved lube system
* Shorter, better feeling shifts with increased clutch capacity
* Improved engagement control
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