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Superior | AXOD Kit MERCH
Superior | AXOD Kit MERCH

Superior | AXOD Kit MERCH

This valve body kit fixes Late shifts 2-3 flair Soft sloppy 1-2 shifts Downshift bump Inadequate lube oil Converter chatter 2nd gear starts Spin up on 3-2 kick down. INCLUDED FREE - No Fault Warranty A 1-time no questions asked repair or replacement. Covers Shipping, Freight claims, Installation errors, overheating and more!

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Included FREE - No Fault Warranty
This valve body kit deals with these problems: 

* Late shifts
* 2-3 flair 
* Soft sloppy 1-2 shifts 
* Downshift bump 
* Inadequate lube oil 
* Converter chatter 
* 2nd gear starts 
* Spin up on 3-2 kick down. 1. Shims are supplied to better fine tune end clearance. This is an important step in maintaining proper lube and reduce wear in the AXOD unit. 2. This Superior kit replaces problem converter relief valves in the valve body with a more efficient ball and spring setup. 3. The kit includes a throttle valve anti-stick spring. 4. The KAXOD kit also replaces all accumulator springs which are often times found broken in stock units due to high pressure.
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