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Superior | AXOD Boost Valve & Sleeve
Superior | AXOD Boost Valve & Sleeve

Superior | AXOD Boost Valve & Sleeve

The Superior Up-Shift Sleeve will service all 700-R4 valve bodies 1981 through 1993.

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This Problem Solver deals with these problems: 

* Pressure exhausting out of valve body. 
* Worn out boost valve. 1. As AXOD transmissions rack up higher mileage they begin showing the same signs of boost valve wear that are commonly seen in the AXOD-E. 2. The Superior AXOD Boost Valve and Sleeve addresses this problem by offering a CASE HARDENED STEEL boost valve and sleeve with O-ring to help prevent loss of pressure rise and intermittent shift problems. 3. Will service AXOD, AXOD-E, AX4S, and AX4N.
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