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Superior | ATX Kit
Superior | ATX Kit

Superior | ATX Kit

Torque Converter Bolts. Made to fit Dodge FF6, TF8, 727, 518, 500, 618. 5/16" x 24T x 1/2" 1/2" Hex Head.

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This valve body kit deals with these problems: 

* Sliding 3-2 kickdown 
* 2nd gear starts 
* No upshift when cold 
* Inadequate line pressure 
* Improves shift quality 
* Improves overall performance. 1. This valve body kit will service all years ATX. 2. The package supplies an oversized direct drum bushing which allows the use of metal or Teflon rings. Most overhaul kits come with metal rings. When used with the oversized bushing, it gives the best seal possible. 3. governor pins are supplied to replace worn pins.
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