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The lock up valve and sleeve was used in early valve bodies 81 thru 86. The later valve bodies, 86 thru 89, kept the valve bore, but were non-functional. 90 thru 93 valve bodies were produced without the valve bore. As long as the bore is in the valve body, the hydraulic package will apply.

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This Problem Solver deals with these problems: 

* Premature overdrive band failure 
* Searching through old cores for old covers 
* Lack of holding power 
* Less than positive 4th gear shift. 
* The Superior Super Servo helps to eliminate premature overdrive band failure. 
* This AOD "A-Plus" Super Servo delivers better holding capacity. 
* Positive 4th gear shift. 
* Superior's AOD Super Servo is perfect for heavy duty and high performance applications. 
* American Made, built from 6061-t6 billet aluminum. 
* 11% more apply area than the stock "A" servo designed to increase holding capacity and boost performance.
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