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Superior | AOD Kit
Superior | AOD Kit

Superior | AOD Kit

The Overdrive-Lockout is designed for vehicle applications that are extremely over loaded on a daily basis and for durability purposes are best kept out of overdrive.

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This valve body kit deals with these problems: 

* Weak 1-2 shifts 
* Erratic 1-2 shifts 
* Erratic 3-4 shifts 
* Down shift shudder 
* Premature clutch failure. 1. This Superior package supplies 3 Sherlock clips to replace the stock retaining clips that are prone to break. 2. Teflon seals are supplied for the 3rd clutch to replace the stock metal rings, which many times leak. 3. Timing is the key to an extended life of the AOD. This kit delivers that timing. 4. The KAOD kit offers regular and heavy-duty applications. 5. A Superior high performance version of this kit (KAOD-HP) is offered. The package is designed for street rods and racing applications. The HP kit produces super positive performance.
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