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Superior | A4LD with valve kit
Superior | A4LD with valve kit

Superior | A4LD with valve kit

Simply connect the Master Control Box and go for a ride. Try the ten settings on the Master Control Box while driving and then install the corresponding Pressure Riser out of the Master Pressure Riser Assortment to duplicate the preferred setting.

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This valve body kit deals with these problems: 

* Late shifts 
* Weak shifts 
* Delayed reverse 
* 3rd clutch failure 
* 2-3 flair 
* 4-3 flair 
* Increase lube 
* boost valve included to replace worn OE valve. 1. This Superior kit includes 20 return springs for the reverse high clutch drum, which are many times found flattened due to heat. These springs, as are all Superior springs, are "Stress Relieved." 2. This kit supplies a governor anti-stick spring. 3. The KA4LD kit changes out the stock aluminum modulator valve with a special Superior design steel valve. It features an added cleaning groove to deal with the very common sticking problems. 4. This kit also offers shift feel options.
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