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Superior | 722.3 & 722.4 Mercedes Benz Diesel Valve Body Kit
Superior Mercedes Diesel Kit

Superior | 722.3 & 722.4 Mercedes Benz Diesel Valve Body Kit

The Superior kit makes extensive pump modifications needed to avoid pump failure. The KE4OD Shift Correction Package includes a metal replacement drain back valve to replace the O.E. plastic valve.

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This valve body kit deals with these problems: 
* Harsh 1-2 shift 
* Soft or flare 2-3 shifts 
* Slip or flare 2-3 (cold) 
* Soft or flare 3-4 shifts 
* Stacked 2-3 shifts. 

1. This Shift Correction Package services early and late 722.3 and all 722.4 Mercedes transmissions 1980 to 1990, Diesel models. 
2. The Superior kit softens the harsh 1-2 shift. 
3. The K722A-D Shift Correction Package offers options on firming up the 2-3 and 3-4 shifts from normal to firm to even firmer. 
4. This kit also offers an even softer option on the 1-2 shift. 
5. The kit offers a simple solution to correct stacked 2-3 shifts. 
6. Proper installation will stabilize shifts of this unit. 
7. This package supplies needed parts to set vacuum properly.
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