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Superior | 700-R4 Kit
Superior | 700-R4 Kit

Superior | 700-R4 Kit

This Superior kit replaces problem converter relief valves in the valve body with a more efficient ball and spring setup.

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This valve body kit deals with these problems: 

* Inadequate pressure rise 
* Burned clutches and bands 
* Erratic shift points 
* Soft or bump up shifts 
* Bump on coast down shifts 
* Raises lock up speed 
* 2nd and 3rd flare up 
* Part throttle searching between 4th and 3rd. 1. The Superior 700-R4 kit contains an anti-stick throttle valve spring. 2. This package deals with the weak 3-4 clutch problems in a very effective manner. 3. The feed to the clutch is made more direct.
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