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Superior | 500 / 618 / 48RE Shift Correction Valve Body Kit

Superior | 500 / 618 / 48RE Shift Correction Valve Body Kit

This Superior kit replaces problem converter relief valves in the valve body with a more efficient ball and spring setup.The KAXOD kit also replaces all accumulator springs which are often times found broken in stock units due to high pressure.

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Shift Correction Package

This valve body kit deals with these problems:
 * Premature band failure
 * Inadequate line rise
 * Slow engagements
 * Premature clutch failure
 * Lower 2-3 shift MPH
 * Full time lube
 * Rapid fill manual valve
 * Services regular, heavy duty, gas, and diesel
 * Improves overall performance

1. The K500-618-L Shift Correction Package will service all 99 and up 42/44/46/47-RE units. 
2. This package includes a new governor pressure control valve. This valve allows operating pressure to be raised for heavy-duty use without fear of setting code 1763.

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