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Superior | 440-T4 Kit
Superior | 440-T4 Kit

Superior | 440-T4 Kit

It's hard to believe how good the unit will perform when taking into account how simple the kit is to install.

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This valve body kit deals with these problems: 

* Converter clutch shudder 
* Burned 3rd clutch 
* Soft 1-2 shifts 
* Burned 2nd clutch 
* Inadequate line pressure rise 
* Modulator valve buzz. 1. This Superior kit was designed to increase torque capacity of the unit. Increased capacity is the key to preventing 2nd and 3rd clutch failure. 2. The 440-T4 3-2 line control valve retainer clip is often times found broken, causing down shift problems. The retainer clip is supplied in this kit. 3. This valve body kit also deals with 2nd gear start problems.
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