The NP241J transfer case is an aluminum cast unit run by a part time system and is chain driven, as opposed to using gears to run the case. It is a newer unit, only being found in Jeep Wranglers beginning in the 2003 model year.
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Compatible Assembly Numbers: 52853311AB, 52853311AC, 52853311AD, 52853311AE, 52853400AB, 52853400AC
$1,495.00 $1,395.00
Compatible Assembly Numbers: 52853412AB, 52111013AF, 52111013AG, 52111013AH
$2,049.00 $1,979.00
Compatible Assembly Numbers: 52111013AA, 52111013AB, 52111013AC, 52111013AD
$2,695.00 $2,595.00

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