Monsters Like to Work In The Dark

Posted by Kevin Dellea on 9/15/2017 to Monster Trans News

This past weekend, Florida and the surrounding islands went through quite an ordeal. Over the past few weeks, there had been a hurricane forming in the Atlantic Ocean. Beginning to form at the end of August, Hurricane Irma soon grew to unexpected proportions and was declared a Category 5 storm, the highest and most dangerous rating for a hurricane. After making its way over St. Martin and Cuba, the storm arrived at Florida’s doorstep, making landfall in the keys on Sunday the 10th as a category 4 storm before starting to move north. The pattern of the storm had been erratic, eventually heading straight up the western side of the state, impacting areas including the bay area with Tampa and St. Petersburg, as well as Brooksville, where Monster headquarters is housed. Fortunately, as the storm advanced it began to weaken and by the time it hit us, Irma was down to a category 2 storm. While the storm caused serious winds and storm conditions to some areas, this is certainly the better scenario compared to what could have been.

After the storm had passed, Monster was inspected for any serious issues. While the inside of the shop escaped any damage, there was a large downed tree out front that sadly claimed one of our trucks used for testing Ford transmissions. We are also currently without power, but we do not let that keep us down! Many members of the Monster team are out at the new 4.0 location, making sure that all of our clients are well taken care of and the orders continue to be shipped. For more information, or to check on or place an order, our phones are operational at 800-708-0087. We hope to be up and running back to normal operations as soon as possible. Today we are not just Monster strong, we are Florida strong.

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