Monster Transmission & the 14 year old/200 mile Truck Story

Posted by Monster Transmission on 5/20/2011 to Monster Trans News
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Mr. Elliott Welsch writes:

I ordered a new transmission for my Suburban 1997 Lt. I had replaced my transmission once from GM and only got 40K out of the transmission. The truck is used by my wife and for twice yearly trips. It towed a boat and a trailer for less than a thousand of the 40K miles. The GM transmission should not have failed. 

I began to research the GM rebuild and came to understand that they build it to the exact same spec as the original one. There are standard weaknesses in the transmission that never got wonder it failed a second time. That led me to look for an alternative to GM. 

I looked online and read about monster. I realized that I am not a performance buyer, but a better built transmission made sense. I decided to call Monster to discuss my needs. 

That was a great decision. I explained that I needed a stronger version of my trans and they explained the parts that they improved and how their process would insure it would work when I got it. All of the stuff I read on the Web was proven to be true. 

I had a challenge in ordering. Monster worked with me and sent out a new unit. I sent mine back and it was a very simple exchange. The Customer Service was excellent! There was no finger pointing or excuses. Just a "let's fix it attitude". THAT IS ENOUGH REASON TO BUY FROM THEM. 

The transmission was installed and it has been excellent. The first drive told me I should have bought the first replacement from Monster. 

It has a strong positive first shift, holding the rpms up to get you the power to start... and then it is butter smooth..until you step on it again and it down shifts! Fast and strong. 

My 14 year old, 200K mile truck felt like it was new again. 

Thank you Monster Transmission.

Thank YOU, Mr. Welsch....Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!

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