Monster Transmission is worth it!

Posted by Monster Transmission on 3/16/2016 to Monster Trans Reviews
Kip in Iowa is happy with Monster's shifts! "I've got a 1986 s10 Blazer, which I bought a 350 Turbo for back in 2011 from Monster. We started off on a bad foot, the cork gasket they used for the pan leaked. We went and got a new pan gasket for it and now its working fine. It's been working fine now. It shifts really hard and we are happy with it. I'm about to purchase a 400 Turbo for a full sized Chevy pickup I've got now. Its a 1974 with a 496 big block. We're hoping that It'll shift as good or better than the 350. They say the 400's are stronger, so. My truck weighs quite a bit heavier then the s10. but, I'm really pleased with the way it shifts. A real positive hard shift. It doesn't bang like it's breaking something, it's just a really nice shift on the Monster. So, happy with that. Like I said, had kind of a cheap gasket, but they said that a lot of people change the pans and run their own gasket. It was kind of a pain in the butt. Like I said it was worth it. I'm happy with Monster Transmission."

Thanks for the greet review Kip!

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