Monster Transmission Stands by their product!

Posted by Monster Transmission on 5/9/2016 to Monster Trans Reviews
Bowman in Key West, FL had a great experience dealing with WOWanty! "I have never done a restoration project with a restored product thrown into it. I've got to say one thing. When you purchase performance parts the warranty that you receive from these parts are only as good as the company that backs them up. Monster Transmission and Performance is unbelievable. They stand by their product. Their customer support and tech support like Kelly, and their warranty are fabulous. If you are going to purchase a transmission you need to take a serious look a Monster Transmission and Performance in Brooksville, Florida. In a brief overview I've never done any type of transmission installation products or anything like that before in my life. While installing the torque converter into the transmission and mating the transmission to the engine I made a grave mistake. I did some damage to the pump. I contacted the warranty department. They said send it back. You pay for the freight and that is it. Once again this was my error and not a manufacturing error with Monster. Do the right thing and give them a call. Thank you Monster Transmission and Performance."

We don't point fingers, thanks for the testimonial Bowman!

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