Monster Transmission Internal Components - TruckU TV

Monster Transmission Internal Components - TruckU TV

Check out the inside of a Monster Transmission explained on TruckU TV.

The #1 enemy of a transmission is heat! If your transmission gets too hot your clutches can start crumbling and getting messy all over the place inside of your transmission. Those little pieces can get everywhere in your fluid and can contaminate your system. They'll get in the electrical components and all in the valve body. If you ever pull your dipstick out and it's black and smells real bad that's the friction material that has contaminated your fluid.

In the valve body there are so many different oil passages with pistons going back and forth which engages or disengages a gear, and any little contamination can plug it up to where you could lose a gear or lose reverse. It's a viscous cycle of contamination.

Another piece of the transmission is your planetary gears. In the factory design you've got an aluminum 4 pin design that can heat up and distort. Monster Transmission has a 5 and 6 pin design that's made of steel This is going to distribute the load and handle the heat allowing for more power. Also another good example is the Accumulator piston. The stock pistons are plastic and can melt all the time and Monster Transmission's is a billet piece that will withstand those heat issues. The stock bands are a basic paper design vs Monster Transmission Kevlar lining that does great with the heat. Also for the Monster Transmission performance provided clutches their able to handle up to 400 degrees more than the factory. This is all how Monster Transmission handles your typical transmission's heat issues.

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