MonStar of the Week

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 7/24/2017 to Monster Trans News
Happy Monday, MonStars! It’s that time again where we announce who will be this week’s MonStar of the week for giving their best work to stand out among their peers. This week, the honor belonged to Mo of Teardown for helping provide the interns with all their knowledge, him having the most in his department. Speaking of the interns, the program is officially over. Out of the original 11 that began back in June, 8 have now become full time employees and are now true MonStars. We are excited to have them on board as part of our team. As such, there will no longer be an Intern of the week category, at least until we begin the program again next summer with a whole new batch. For the department of the week, it was accounting that took home the trophy. In Monster news, president Achilles Thomas announced that the opening of our new site, Monster 4.0, is nearing and that the building would soon be able to house operations potentially within the next month or soon after. That’s all for this week, but remember that we name a new MonStar every Monday, so be sure to check back then to see who it will be and for any other Monster related news that might be of interest.

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