MonStar of the Week

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 7/18/2017 to Monster Trans News
Another Monday has come, and that means another MonStar has been named. This week, the honor belonged to George, making him the second member of the torque converter department in a row to be named MonStar. For intern of the week, it came down to Paul of client care and Jami in teardown, where it was determined with a certainly unique contest: a good old fashioned dance off. Despite impressive moves from Paul, including an unexpected flip, Jami won the popular vote. As for department of the week, the winners were tech support. This group is responsible for helping various departments answer any specialized information that our clients may have. In other news, as celebration for the interns completing their program, each was presented with an official certificate from company head Achilles himself. Join us back here next week to see who the next MonStar will be and for any other happenings in Monster.

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