MonStar of the Week

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 6/19/2017 to Monster Trans News
As is tradition here at Monster, every Monday after lunch starts with a company wide gathering to brief the crew of the upcoming week and to also name the MonStar of the week, the hardest working employee in Monster. This week, the MonStar was Executive Assistant of Operations, Marcus Martin. He was nominated for being helpful across the company, coming in early, leaving later than needed, and having a positive attitude towards his Monster family. The department of the week was Testing for their strong work ethic and breaking the record of transmissions tested in a week, that being 128, an incredible feat. The intern of the week was Ed Castro from the Utility department, earning the trophy for standing out to his mentors while training him to be part of the Monster workforce. 

 In Monster news, the monthly company meeting was announced to be held next Monday, July 3 in order to introduce the team to their soon to be new home. Next, Monster introduced three new employees to the fold, and are eager to welcome them to our family. Also, after months of preparation, the new Monster product, Burn Rubber Brewing Company’s synthetic cider, our very own brand of automatic transmission fluid, was revealed to everyone for launch. We here at Monster are excited for the future of our company, so be sure to keep checking back for more updates.

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