Mon-Star Mondays

Posted by Stephen Skipper on 6/13/2017 to Monster Trans News
Here at Monster Transmission, we like to see our workers as our Monster family. As such, we do our best to recognize all of their hard work and reward them for it. Every Monday here at Monster, the entire workforce gathers for a company wide meeting on the main factory floor to determine who will be what is called the Mon-Star of the week, the worker that had impressed the most through the previous week with their work effort and determination. 

 Each department writes down nominations and why they think who they chose has been the best among them for that week. This can be based upon anything, from having completed the most work in their department to just being positive and cheering up those around them. The winner is presented with a custom made Mon-Star championship belt, complete with a purple and green Monster color scheme, created by the Marketing department, an exclusive parking spot right outside the Monster Transmission doors, and, at the end of the month, the four Mon-Stars of their respective weeks are treated to a lunch and limo ride with the man behind Monster Transmission himself, Achilles Thomas, a magnificent way to recognize their achievements and a nice incentive for the workers to perform their very best. 

 This week, the Mon-Star was Daniel from the Sales department for his impressive numbers. Daniel joins Kevin from Marketing as the second Mon-Star for the month of June. For the department of the week, there was a stunning three way tie between the freight, teardown, and build departments, with teardown emerging victorious after a tiebreaking game, receiving the special trophy that goes with the honor. 

 Along with the Mon-Star, in honor of the new interns joining the ranks of Monster, a competition to determine the Intern of the Week was held: the time honored contest of musical chairs. The victor, after some fierce strategy, and just a touch of controversy, was Stephen from the marketing department. He was awarded with two free Beacon Theater passes for his efforts. 

 As a new week begins, so does the battle for the new Mon-Star of the week to be named. Time will only tell who the next top of the team will be, as will the effort put forth by each and every worker here to prove themselves to be an integral part of the Monster family. It could be anyone.

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