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International Shift Awareness Month (ISAM) is an annual worldwide observance of one of the most important components of the automobile. It is intently celebrated at the beginning month of each year as an immediate reminder to take proper care of the most neglected part of your drivetrain.

ISAM was first conceived in remembrance of the automatic transmission that was invented in 1921. This invention was a huge feat that freed the driver from having to shift the gearbox manually and deserved to be celebrated. It was so well received that it was later decided to include all shift types to be honored and glorified.

In tribute to all transmissions ranging from mild to wild, automatic to manual, Monster Transmission is demonstrating its appreciation and support to honor International Shift Awareness Month.

2016 International Shift Awareness Month

2016 International Shift Awareness Month

2015 International Shift Awareness Month

2014 International Shift Awareness Month


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