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Posted by Monster Transmission on 1/27/2014 to Monster Trans News

In honor of International Shift Awareness Month, we'll be going over common symptoms of problems with your transmission. We will also cover how to troubleshoot to find out what is causing the problem.

More often then not you will be able to recognize subtle differences or symptoms of small issues before they become major problems.

A Slip shift, flare shift and a stack shift can often be confused with each other, but all three are symptoms of transmission trouble. Nate explains what the differences are between the three different shift issues, and a few things you can do yo troubleshoot.

In the next video we will increase your shift knowledge more about symptoms and how to troubleshoot to discover the cause. By the end of this month you will be armed with the information needed to fight transmission neglect.

For more information on how to fight transmission neglect visit:


Date 2/2/2014
scott norris
customer #451648 My new AOD does not chirp the tires when shifting gears like my good old C-4. I am very disappointed when I manually shift from 1st to 2nd and then the tranny skips 2nd and goes to third!!! If I had known this I would have never bought the AOD!!! I should have spent a little more and purchased the GEAR VENDORS overdrive unit and have 6 tire chirping shifts!!! I had called to cancel my order but they said the unit was almost finished. I felt pressured into buying it. You have to use the C-4 transmission mount with the crossmember they use to supply-crossmember $150 extra. Transmission bolts are longer than C-4 bolts which were not included. Shifter linkage from a 1974 Mustang works very well-you will have to shorten it a couple of inches. AOD is wider than C-4. Long tube headers WILL NOT FIT. JBA makes a shorty header that works ($380.) plus $170. to have the local muffler shop to reconnect the exhaust system. I lost power because I could not use my Hooker super comp headers!!! Also you will need a new flexplate ($70. extra ) different bolt pattern. Monster Trans says the AOD package is 99% complete but I have to say that 1% is expensive and not worth it!!! I forgot about the trans fluid-not included ($147. extra) My AOD is stage 3 heavy duty 2000 stall-trans does not have firm shifts-feels sluggish. Pressure is set at 35 per instructions. If I could do it all over again I would have GEAR VENDORS overdrive unit in my 67 Stang. Consider that expensive 1% I discussed the GEAR VENDORS unit is actually less expensive and you have total control over 6 shifts for racing or set it in overdrive for crusing.

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