ISAM Symptoms and Troubleshooting - Grinding Noise

Posted by Monster Transmission on 1/25/2014 to Monster Trans News
In honor of International Shift Awareness Month, we'll be going over common symptoms of problems with your transmission. We will also cover how to troubleshoot to find out what is causing the problem.

More often then not you will be able to recognize subtle differences or symptoms of small issues before they become major problems.

A grinding noise is not good to hear coming from your transmission. Steve will show you a few places to check to see if the noise is coming from outside the transmission or from the inside.

In the next video we will increase your shift knowledge more about symptoms and how to troubleshoot to discover the cause. By the end of this month you will be armed with the information needed to fight transmission neglect.

For more information on how to fight transmission neglect visit:

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