How to Install a 700R4 Internal Monster Transmission Lockup Kit

How to Install a 700R4 Internal Monster Transmission Lockup Kit

Monster Transmission Presents Curt's Corner as Curt goes over on how to install a Lockup kit on a 700R4 Transmission. 

This kit will enable the driver to control the operation of the torque converter Lock-up. The switch will allow driver to turn the lock-up function off during in-town driving and on during high speed/highway driving. When switch is on the transmission will not engage into lock-up until transmission is in 4th gear. 
Transmission will automatically disengage lock-up switch when it down shifts to 3rd gear and re-engage when transmission shifts back to 4th gear. This kit is an external wired kit, no need to drop pan for installation.

Items Included: 
A new Pan Gasket 
2-pronged pressure switch for Fourth Gear 
4-pin connector with o-ring for the transmission case 
Lock up solenoid with harness and correct connectors

Tools Needed: 
10mm,11mm, and 13mm socket 
Spade screw driver 
Ratchet Torque wrench 
Crescent pliers 

700R4 Lock-Up Kit 

200-4R Lock-Up Kit 

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