Gear and Thread Lube

Open Gear and Wire Rope Lubes

Drag lines need Schaeffer Silver Streak® Wire Rope Lubricant

Schaeffer manufactures a number of world class wire rope and open gear lubricants.

Silver Streak® Wire Rope Lubricant
Silver Streak® Wire Rope Lubricant is a heavy-duty, extreme pressure lubricant specially formulated to provide extended service life over a wide range of temperatures to all types of wire ropes.

Silver Streak® Special Multi Lube
Silver Streak® Special Multi-Lube is a semi-synthetic, heavy duty, extreme pressure open gear lubricant.

Moly Tool Joint Lube
MolyTool Joint is a high performance, extreme pressure, anti-wear lubricant that is speciallyformulated to lubricate and seal pipe threads.

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