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January is International Shift Awareness Month. Watch these videos to find out the steps you can take to maintain your transmission's health.

In honor of International Shift Awareness Month, we'll be going over preventative transmission maintenance to increase your shift knowledge.

The whole purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your transmission running healthy and strong. A healthier transmission means better efficiency and longevity.

In the first video, Josh introduces preventative maintenance and goes over what transmission fluid is and what it does inside your transmission.
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Date 1/14/2014
lose the music. distracting
Date 1/15/2014
Don Shillady
Bebops 1929 Ford Roadster fiberglass replica on a Brookville repo 1929 frame with a mild SBC 350 (about 300 HP) and only an 8" Maverick rear (3.55:1), 2800 pounds with driver. At my first oil change (at 1200 miles)to ZROD 10W-30 the guys at the shop noticed a leak to my trans hose at the added cooler (in addition to a DeRale extra capacity pan) and had to add over three quarts of Valvoline Max Life synthetic BLEND to get me home. Now I carry Valvoline Max Life FULL SYNTHETIC with me and the leak is fixed. 1. What trans oil do you recommend? Is the Valvoline Max Life FULL SYNTHETIC trans oil OK for my 700R4? 2. I do not like the sudden shift from low to 2nd (700R4) and get a tire chirp every time. How long will my drive shaft universals take this on an 8" Ford rear with mostly normal driving? Is there any adjustment to ease up on the low-to-2nd shift?

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