Ford Transmission Installation Instructions

Ford Transmission Installation Instructions


Please Note: The following instructions were made to act as a guide/reference, if you are inexperienced with performing an automatic transmission installation it is highly recommended that you contact a certified experienced professional to perform the installation and/or make the proper adjustments for you!

Transmission Installation Instructions:

(1)    Pre-installation instructions; Disconnect Battery terminal, inspect and check transmission coolant lines for damage, flush lines and coolant system thoroughly. 

(2)    Inspect crank well for converter hub wear, and clean this area.

(3)    Check Flywheel for cracks and converter bolt holes for wear.

(4)    Inspect back of engine block where transmission mates, ensure block is clean, no wires or cables are in the way of installation.

(5)    Inspect and verify both dowel pins are clean and secure in block.

(6)    Ensure Block Plate is aligned and straight.

(7)    Clean area of block so transmission can make a good ground.

 “Warning” Transmission will suffer permanent damage if grounded improperly!



(1)     Transmission Fluid:  you need about 10 to 12 quarts of fluid for installation, Dextron III with Mercon, 1968 – 1993 Vehicles and Mercon 5, 1994 and Newer, any brand name.

(2)     Add (1) quart of transmission fluid to converter prior to installation of transmission.

(3)     Install Converter on transmission carefully; support the weight of converter to avoid damage to the pump seal. Rotate converter in a clock wise rotation as you push converter into transmission.  The forward drum shaft will engage first, you may feel a clunk, continue to rotate and push converter into transmission, The pump stator shaft will engage next and finally the converter hub will engage into the pump gears, you may feel another clunk. To verify converter is installed all the way, you should have clearance between the front of the transmission bell housing and the back of the torque converter Stud, about 1/2 of an inch.

(4)      Ensure Converter stays in this position during installation,      “Warning” If converter moves forward, converter can move on top of the pump gears, this will cause the converter to crush the gears into the pump assembly when transmission case bolts are tightened to engine block. Note: Never use bolts to pull transmission up to engine block! 

(5)     After Transmission is bolted with all (6) or more bolts, ensure all bolts are tight about 40 ft.lbs.  rotate converter to align converter stud with holes in flywheel, ensure drain plug on converter aligned with hole in flywheel. verify free movement back and forth of stud thru flywheel.

(7)     Install converter Nuts, one at a time, tighten nuts about 20 ft.lbs.

(8)   Install the following items before installing cross member;

·        Filler Tube

·        Linkage

·        Coolant lines (2) both tighten to 12 ft.lbs

·        Throttle Valve Link Arm T

·        TV Cable (See separate TV instructions)

·        Transmission Mount (2) both tighten to 15 ft.lbs

·        Attach NSS electrical wires to connector on Case. Driver side

·        Attach Computer harness to connector on Case. Pass. side


(9)   Install Vehicle Cross member to frame, align with frame holes and Transmission mount, secure cross member with factory bolts.

(10) Connect Speed-o-meter cable or wire to transmission hand tight

(11)   Clean and check drive shaft yoke, should be smooth and straight, install drive shaft yoke into rear of transmission, attach drive shaft to rear-end, tighten bolts to 20 ft.lbs

(12)  Install Inspection Plate to front of Transmission.

(13)  Installation complete, check all bolts attached and tight and wires are clear from exhaust and moving parts.

(14)  Lower vehicle and add (4) quarts of transmission fluid, ensure vehicle is in Park. Connect battery and start engine and run at idle.  Add (3) more quarts of transmission fluid and then check with Dip Stick, add fluid until it is at the full line on stick.

(15)   Set TV Cable as per separate TV Instructions.

(16)   If Computer controlled transmission, Clear Codes prior to Test Drive.

(17)   Transmission is ready for initial Test Drive.

(18)    Double check the transmission fluid level, add if needed, adjust TV cable as per TV instructions, and check for any leaks.

If you have any questions please contact our Tech Support Team at (800) 708-0087  ext. 2#


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