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E4OD / 4R100 Torque Converter HD 7.3L Billet Lid w/ Multi-Clutch Diesel - 6 Lug - Stock Stall

E4OD / 4R100 Torque Converter HD 7.3L Billet Lid w/ Multi-Clutch Diesel - 6 Lug - Stock Stall


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Torque Converter Specs:

  • Billet Lid w/ Multi-Clutch

  • 12 7/8" diameter


  • without ring gear

  • without shroud

  • 1.375" pilot

  • 31 spline

  • Flats on hub

  • 6 mounting studs

  • Clutch type unit

  • Low Stall Fin Angle

Went in perfect. Drives like a dream. Deffenetly feels more sturdy when towing.
Verified Buyer: 
On the order form it asks you whether you have a four bolt or six bolt torque converter and or flexplate . If you don't know the simple thing to do is crawl under the truck drop the inspection panel and count to four or count to six.
Verified Buyer: 
BUYER BEWARE! the left hand doesn't no what the right hand is doing
I purchased a torque converter to fit a 94 F-350 7.3 diesel/ E4OD trans. I didn't pull the trans. before I ordered so when I got the torque converter it had 6 mounting bolts,mind had 4. I think that would be a question to ask before selling. I tried to make it simple buy purchasing a flex plate so I called and ordered a flexplate to fit the converter $149.00 took 2 weeks to get,but it won't fit my 7.3 WHY! My local store said that my truck needed a 4 bolt. I sent pictures and still they can't make it fit,another week goes by and no word. When I called to find out what they are doing they said they decided to send a 4 bolt to exchange.So I got a 4 bolt converter with exchange(Have no ideal I got what I ordered). I didn't get any return postage for the flex plate. I called and finally got the return postage/ sent back the flex plate. I am still waiting for reimbursement for the flex plate.I started this in Oct. it is now Dec. and no refund. I'm a patient person but this is uncalled for.
Verified Buyer: 
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