Don't Buy From Monster Transmission

Monster Transmission is a rapid growing company.
And to be honest – we can’t fight small, big looking transmission shops on pricing. If you are strictly looking for the lowest price, then we’re probably not the right fit. I understand and respect that.

So…why take the opportunity to look at us then? We believe in a simple, yet profound idea: to provide the highest quality products and service to every client, every time.

We will enhance your transmission because we strive to custom build automotive components that don't empty your wallet and take forever to receive. We care. I say that over and over – we care! – because it is what we believe. We have a mission to change the aftermarket automotive industry, with a true focus on the Clients. "We build more than transmissions, we build relationships."

The process of building the relationship is magic.

That is precisely why we won’t sell you solely on pricing. I want to know if you believe that things should be different – that things can be better.

So, what things can be better?
Operational Processes

With us, operational processes are streamlined for efficiency. We developed our software around what matters most – your experience. We have proven that focus with thousands of users in more than 50 countries. We cut the fat out of old, dated processes. We want to see you focused on the things that matter while we take care of the rest.


This is a given. Software, no matter what the example, has to do something. But you can’t base a decision solely on whether or not a system has 1,000 features. Ask yourself: “How does this product make me feel? Can I grow with this product? Do I believe in the company producing it, do they care about us?”This is what we want each of our clients, current and potential, to ask because the answers, whether they lead to Procurify or not, will improve your business for the long term.


For too long we have succumbed to the goliaths of enterprise software. The focus of these traditional systems/models has been but one thing:MAXIMIZING REVENUE PER USER. To be fair, no one can blame a company for focusing only on revenue. They, of course, are in business to stay in business.But there’s more. There’s more to building systems that will improve people’s lives.

This is a new age – the age of the end user.

At Monster Transmission we use a different name: CLIENTS as opposed to Customers. We build relationships. And we want you to be happy. At Monster Transmission, we’re turning the automotive industry upside down. From our all-inclusive pricing, which gives you the comfort of working with our in-house Client Care Team (Side Note: We don't outsource our tech support) to knowledgeable training, our team works with you to ensure we're all on the same page.

We work alongside you so purchasing a Monster Transmission isn't some that is frustrating and technically over your head. You will receive a one of a kind custom built transmission, guaranteed. And you will, without a doubt, understand a Monster Transmissions manufacturing process from beginning to end.

When Monster Transmission was started, we saw many, many companies come and go. Small unaccredited shops would throw up a website to make themselves look larger then what they were to try and trick the consumer. I know these things matter to you. It doesn't take much to create a website and a social page, but It takes everything to grow and establish a true company. But I want you to know we’re in this together.

That’s our commitment and that’s our word.

I would also like to thank all our loyal Clients for believing in a better way and trusting us to help build that relationship. We look forward to continuing this amazing journey with you. And for those interested in Monster Transmission, try us out and join our family.

If not, then I wish you the best in your search for a better shift.

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