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Custom Built Monster AOD Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 2WD with Free Transmission Fluid
Custom Built Monster AOD Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 2WD with Free Transmission Fluid

Custom Built Monster AOD Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 2WD with Free Transmission Fluid


Mega Monster Transmissions Engineered to Dominate, the FORD AODMega Monster transmission is ideal for vehicles powered by engines producing up to 450 horsepower with a naturally aspirated system using pump gasoline. Now Includes the best Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid on the Market provided by Burn Rubber Brewing Co. For Free! INCLUDED FREE - No Fault Warranty A 1-time no questions asked repair or replacement. Covers Shipping, Freight claims, Installation errors, overheating and more!

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Torque Converter
Torque Converter Upgrades
Shift Firmness
Pan Style
Popular Accessories (These have been Discounted for your transmission package!)
Free 12 Qts. of Burn Rubber Brewery Premium Synthetic Trans Fluid
Torque Converter Nuts (+$9.99)
Universal Transmission Mount (+$19.94)
Transmission Flush - Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen (+$19.98)
Converter Inspection Cover (+$29.00)
Trans Cooler Kit #1403 (+$49.95)
Stainless Steel TV Cable Bracket (+$55.00)
Engine Block Plate (+$79.95)
Locking Fillertube & Dipstick (+$84.99)
Braided TV / Throttle Cable (+$119.95)
Tailhousing Length
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All warranties are contingent upon core returns and/or fees. If the Transmission & Converter cores are not returned within 30 days or a core fee is not paid I am opting out of any warranty coverage.
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A) We'll pick up and Build Your Original Core - 3 Yr Warranty activated when order ships (+$200.00)
B) Return your core using our Core Return Service within 30 days of shipment - 3 Yr Warranty activated when core received (+$350.00)
B) No Core will be returned - Pay Core Fee to Activate 3 Yr Warranty (+$500.00)
Case Color (shades may vary*)
White Glove WOWanty Upgrade
Included for testing purposes. NOTE: You may need to swap with your original linkage prior to vehicle installation*
Give Me A Name
Rear Gear Ratio
Rear Tire Size
Warranty Upgrade
Included FREE - No Fault Warranty
Time commitments may vary as this is a custom built transmission

Mega Monster Transmissions
Engineered to Dominate, the FORD AOD Mega Monster transmission is tough enough to withstand the rigors of even the toughest street machines delivering tire-spinning shifts race after race. It is ideal for vehicles powered by engines producing up to 450 horsepower with a naturally aspirated system using pump gasoline. Equipped with a Manual/Automatic valve body, most units allow you to manually shift the vehicle into each gear change or, by placing it in the drive position, remain fully automatic. In either mode, you get a racetrack shift that bangs through the gears giving you all the right to say "Eat My Shift!". When you use the manual gear selection feature, the Mega Monster up-shifts and downshifts when you move the shift lever. When you select the normal drive position, the transmission retains its firm, automatic shifts for the ease of driving you look for in an automatic transmission.

The Mega Monster Transmission features: the latest technology in our industry with only the best internal components for increased strength, dependable performance and monster torque capacity. All Monster transmissions are custom made in the USA and quality checked to ensure your peace of mind. For the system to operate properly, all throttle linkage, vacuum lines and kick-down components must be connected and adjusted properly.


*Special Note: If you are planning a direct transmission swap it is recommended to re-use your existing tail-housing and speedometer gear for your new unit. This does not come equipped with a new Speedometer Gear. Certain vehicle specific tail-housings may not be available with this unit. In most cases, you will be required to swap your original tail-housing (this will NOT void your warranty). Please Contact Us to purchase a proper speedometer gear for your application or if you are unsure if your tail-housing will need to be reused.

This is my 1966 Ford Mustang, 5 Liter V8, a little over 300 horsepower. Just installed a Monster automatic overdrive Transmission in place of the standard C4. My idea of a trial of a transmission, is to take it out on the road. We took this car 2,000 miles from Covington Indiana to Nigam Nevada over high heating and brought it back over the same 2,000 miles. Average gas mileage with the air conditioning running the whole time was around 19.5 miles a gallon. Able to keep up with the big boys that certainly run the speed limits that range anywhere from 70 to 75-80 going up over the mountains. And also cruised the hot August nights as a registered participant of Hot August Nights. The car is extremely versatile in climbing mountains and running very well. Never had a problem climbing the mountains, when it needed to downshift it did. When it needed to get in overdrive and stay there and get the benefits of the gas mileage it did that. So, certainly a good investment from my perspective. Certainly enjoyed the drive and was much more pleasurable than with the c4 last year getting between 123 and 14 miles per gallon. Thank You.
Verified Buyer: 
I purchased a transmission for a mustang. Danielle was able to give me a call to follow up, So we haven’t really got it started yet, but most likely by the end of the year we’ll get the car running, Thanks.
Verified Buyer: 
My wife and I drive the Ford all over California and Oregon
I bought a Ford AOD for my 1949 Street Rod 4 years ago. My wife and I drive the Ford all over California and Oregon to all different car events with no problems what-so-ever. The customer service is excellent and the product is the best. Thank you
Verified Buyer: 
All I can say is EAT MY SHIFT! Thanks!
This is the first time I have ever bought a Monster Transmission. I was broken down in St. Louis and they FedEx''d it up to me. I picked it up at the freight dock and went to AAMCO to have it put in. All I can say is EAT MY SHIFT! Thanks!
Verified Buyer: 
Very pleased!
Ordered this transmission to put behind a mildly built 302 in my 66 Mustang and couldnt be happier! Everything bolted right up without any issues, transmission shifts smooth and firm through every gear and the car now gets 18-24 Mpg! Have put 5,000 miles on the transmission now with no issues and expect many more!
Verified Buyer: 
To everyone at Monster Transmission
The AOD that I received from you all works flawlessly. Whether I am at in a Car Show or at Cruise In. I will recommend you every chance I get.
Verified Buyer: 
AOD Heavy Duty Performance Transmission 2WD
Hey there, so far everything has been good, I haven't been able to drive it very much due to tag issues but I am satisfied with the product I purchased and quality of customer assistance, thank you! If I experience any issues I will be sure to contact the tech department, thanks again!!
Verified Buyer: 
Fleet director
Transmission showed up with no problems. It looks like everything is ok and good to go in. It will be two or three weeks before it will actually be installed.
Verified Buyer: 
thank you!
This is Vick Gumms from New Crow Isle Indiana, I ordered a Monster Transmission 3 yrs ago, Its been in my car for 3 yrs, and it works well. I called Monster Transmission back because they changed the cam in my car, and they hooked me up with a better torque converter for the cam. So they’ve been very helpful and thank you for being there for me, Bye.
Verified Buyer: 
I didn''t know exactly what I needed or what all was involved in it. My client care rep was tremendous help.
This is the first time I have bought a transmission. I didn''t know exactly what I needed or what all was involved in it. My client care rep was tremendous help. He got my spec sheet and helped me go through it. He went through the spec sheet on my motor and let me know exactly what I needed. I was upgrading my 1969 Mustang and he helped me with an AOD transmission. He was just fantastic. He went above and beyond too to help me find some other parts that he also knew I would need. He was just great. When I was putting the transmission on the motor, I was having some challenges. I called into tech support 3 days in a row and they were so kind and and just helped me with everything I needed. They found out the information and got back with me right away. They didn''t have it right on hand but they called me back just as fast as they could and had it al set up for me. Monster Transmission has been great. I doubt I''ll ever need another one because with this kind of service, I imagine their quality is going to be excellent. I probably won''t ever need another transmission for this car but I''ll tell all my friends about it. Thanks for all of your help. You guys are wonderful.
Verified Buyer: 
Heavy Duty AOD
I ordered a Heavy Duty AOD transmission for my ''93 Mustang. Steve was the one who originally helped me but not only him, but every one of you were very professional and knew exactly what I wanted. I''m more than happy with the transmission now that it''s in the car. Thank you for doing such a good job.
Verified Buyer: 
Extremely Helpful and fast
I ordered a transmission for my 88 Mustang GT 5.0 from Monster Transmission. They were very prompt at getting my delivery to me. I ordered it on Sunday night and I had it on Friday the following week by noon. I had a few issues with the AOD transmission after I installed it. I called them and they helped me through everything and walked me through what I needed to do. If I have any issues they said they would replace anything I needed to replace within my warranty time. They were great and I would recommend Monster Transmission to anybody in need of a transmissionwho wants a quality product. Thank you!
Verified Buyer: 
I would buy another product from you guys
I just wanted to thank William Holding for the great service that he has given me in ordering a transmission for my 1984 GT Mustang. I appreciate his help. He was very helpful and he would always send me emails to let me know when my transmission would be in and to let me know that if I have any problems to call him. I appreciate his help. He did a great, great job. He is a great guy based on the conversation I had on the phone. He was very helpful and I appreciate it because this is my first transmission that I have bought online. I found you guys on the internet and a lot of times when you get things off of the internet sometimes you have problems with it when you order it. I would buy another product from you guys. Thanks!
Verified Buyer: 
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