Heavy Duty 4L60E Transmission 4x4, 1pc Case 4WD
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Custom Built Monster 4L60E Transmission 4x4 Heavy Duty, 1pc Case 4WD with Free Transmission Fluid
Custom Built Monster 4L60E Transmission 4x4 Heavy Duty, 1pc Case 4WD with Free Transmission Fluid

Custom Built Monster 4L60E Transmission 4x4 Heavy Duty, 1pc Case 4WD with Free Transmission Fluid


Mega Monster Transmissions Engineered to Dominate, the 4L60EMega Monster transmission is tough enough to withstand the rigors of even the toughest street machines delivering tire-spinning shifts race after race.

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C) No Core will be returned - Pay Core Fee to Activate 3 Yr Warranty (+$500.00)
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All warranties are contingent upon core returns and/or fees. If the Transmission & Converter cores are not returned within 30 days or a core fee is not paid I am opting out of any warranty coverage.
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Popular Accessories (These have been Discounted for your transmission package!)
Free 12 Qts. of Burn Rubber Brewery Premium Synthetic Trans Fluid
Torque Converter Bolts (3) (+$9.99)
Transmission Flush - Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen (+$19.98)
Trans Cooler Kit #1403 (+$49.95)
Locking Fillertube & Dipstick (+$84.99)
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Time commitments may vary as this is a custom built transmission

Mega Monster Transmissions
Engineered to Dominate, the 4L60E Mega Monster transmission is tough enough to withstand the rigors of even the toughest street machines delivering tire-spinning shifts race after race. It is ideal for vehicles powered by engines producing up to 500 horsepower(450 torque) with a naturally aspirated system using pump gasoline. Equipped with a Reprogrammed Automatic valve body, most units allow you to shift the vehicle into each gear change or, by placing it in the drive position, remain fully automatic. In either mode, you get a racetrack shift that bangs through the gears giving you all the right to say "Eat My Shift!".

The Mega Monster Transmission features: the latest technology in our industry with only the best internal components for increased strength, dependable performance and monster torque capacity. All Monster transmissions are thoroughly inspected, blue printed and quality checked to ensure that your investment is completely flawless. For the system to operate properly, ECM computer code(s) must be cleared prior to initial drive of new transmission. We recommend using a Snapon-OTC or Dealer scanner for this procedure.


If you don't already have one, we recommend getting a 4l60e transmission cooler when you purchase a 4l60e transmission.

The 4L60E has a 3.06 ratio in first gear, which is 20% lower than most transmissions. The 30% overdrive will give a 30 to 40% increase in gas mileage on the road when compared to a 3-speed automatic transmission.

*Special Note: If you are planning a direct transmission swap it is recommended to re-use your existing extension-housing and speedometer gear for your new unit. This Monster 700R4 Transmission does not come equipped with a new Speedometer Gear. Certain vehicle specific extension-housings may not be available with this unit. In most cases, you will be required to swap your original extension-housing (this will NOT void your warranty). Please Contact Us to purchase a proper speedometer gear for your application or if you are unsure if your extension-housing will need to be reused.

4L60E 4x4 Transmission
Transmission looked absolutely amazing the paint job was flawless. Did the removal and install myself. The install was great there was no issues what so ever. Started truck back up for first time after install and took for a test drive. Test drive went very well. From the first day I did the test drive till the present day this transmission has been shifting and engaging absolutely perfect. The 1st to 2nd gear shift is amazing. It shifts so firm that it rattles the entire truck. I'm ok with that. Came with all seals to remount dipstick and transfer case.
Verified Buyer: 
this transmission works,shifts,and pulls my trailer great.
Verified Buyer: 
I bought this after cracking the rear of the case near T-case on my truck. When I called to order, Kelly told me to check motor mounts, I didn't even think about that! So the office already helped me before I paid. After getting it delivered and installed, shifts are perfect with 35" tires. I'm extremely satisfied, however, it did take 6 weeks to get delivered. If you look at the website cameras, you can tell they aren't slacking off in the build area. The price I paid was well worth the wait!
Verified Buyer: 
I have a MONSTER in the house! Woohoo! Christmas! :D
This thing is the most nicely-packed thing I ever received via palletized freight. That upper deck for the extras is a stroke of genius. Now all I have to do is get up the energy to install it! :O Because it's a 4WD it will be a bit of extra hassle, but nothing I can't accomplish in one day once I get feeling a little better. I will be documenting everything exhaustively and you will get a testimonial video par excellence once I get this thing motating! It will be nice to have 3rd and 4th gear back, and with all the extra cooling and goodies I should get another 200k miles, right? ;D Seriously, I appreciate that you got this thing right out, and I'm dying to drive it. EDIT 9/4/15: WOW. That is the only description of this transmission. I have never driven a transmission that behaved ANYTHING like this one does. (If it wasn't clear, the transmission is now in the vehicle and I have driven it.) This thing is amazing. It doesn't shift gears---that would mean it has to move between gears. It is.....magic! It just "appears" in the correct gear, with no transition AND NO LURCH! It is just magically in the correct gear all the time, and when it needs to be in a different one, POOF! It just suddenly IS! The engine revs change instantaneously, and honestly I don't know how it is physically POSSIBLE to change gears so instantaneously without generating a lurch, but it does! I assume you know all about this already. You send lots of these out the door, and hear these stories all the time, but I am absolutely THRILLED by this transmission. I included your warranty card survey thingy, (attached) and yes I did it myself, but I know what I'm doing. This ain't my first rodeo....but man is this the best horse I ever rode to it! I will be making a testimonial video as soon as I get the truck back from my friend. (His broke down and mine was available. I hated to part with the awesome!)
Verified Buyer: 
I was shopping online for a new transmission for my 1997 K 1500 4x4, because the local shops wanted too much for it. I found monster transmission.com I called miss Kelly answered she was very polite knowledgeable. asked me lots of questions. She set me up with a 4l60e heavy duty replacement with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty level 2 shift kit got it installed and now I get in trouble with my wife for stepping on the truck too hard cause it shifts a lot more firm. No leaks no problems what so ever. Most of all shipped to my shop for half price of what I can get a stock build 4l60e around here for. You guys rock. Great build for pulling a load. I recommend you to everybody.
Verified Buyer: 
These are some tough transmissions i will recommend them to everyone they will get my business for as long as they are in business
Verified Buyer: 
4L60E review
I have 2000 miles on my monster and it has run great from the moment it was installed.
Verified Buyer: 
Awesome Transmission
This is a great transmission. I have had a lot of complements on how it shifts. So if your looking for a great transmission but a Monster.
Verified Buyer: 
Very happy, thanks
I bought a Monster Transmission, I bought the Heavy Duty 4L60E Transmission for a 1996 Chevrolet truck. It was an awesome transmission, it worked great, never gave me any issues. 2 weeks ago it feel apart on me, it was no big deal I went and sold the truck. I had no complaints at all about the transmission, it was a really nice transmission. It shifted great, I had 35 ...... and it held up fine. It held overdrive great, never gave me any issues whatsoever. It can handle all the motor the truck had, the truck had a few little .... , headers, cold-air intake .... Nothing major it was a right style truck and the transmission fit the truck perfectly. I have no complaints whatsoever, except that it broke, that's the only complaint I have, but that's pretty much common. That's about it, I never got a chance to fully test it out because it didn't last for so long, but it was really great while it lasted and the next person the truck owns is you going to be really happy too. Alright, Thank you. Bye-bye.
Verified Buyer: 
Nice Job!
My order was time critical. Got constant updates of progress. Everything as needed when needed. The trans works great. Thanks for the superb job and excellent customer service. Ivan
Verified Buyer: 
just a dude
Transmission arrived on time. Great service!!! Very high quality product. Was very impressed with the shipping crate. Thanks for the Military Discount !!!! Jeff G
Verified Buyer: 
I am a UTI graduate and I have multiple years of shop and racing experience.
I am a UTI graduate and I have multiple years of shop and racing experience. I have a 1997 Chevy pickup with 323,000 miles on it. I have had a few different transmissions over the years, but the Monster Transmission is the best one I''ve ever had. The shift is smooth but strong and the install was quick and easy. It shipped with all seals installed so it saves you from having to find specialty tools to install the seals around the shafts for all of the do-it-yourself''ers. With my past experience, I have dealt with a fair share of parts distributors and salesmen. Monster Transmission has been one of the nicest and easiest companies to deal with. They service is great and the staff goes the extra mile to help you get and answer the questions you have. The best thing, however, is their quality control. They build the transmission once it is ordered and they road test it before they ship it out. I have recommended these transmissions to my friends and I do the same to you.
Verified Buyer: 
Monster Transmission hooked me up and got me everything I needed
I have a ''93 Chevy Silverado with a 4L60E Monster Transmission in it. I''ve got 37 inch tires and 12 in of lift. I have a V8 as well. My transmission has the 2 inch deeper pan for better cooling. Josh at Monster Transmission hooked me up and got me everything I needed from the torque converter to the fluid. I got everything Ineeded to take out the crappy stock and put in a better performing transmission for these tires. Thank you!
Verified Buyer: 
Alloy manufacturing supervisor
I couldn't be happier with this transmission and converter. Everything was exactly as advertised and went together perfectly. Just over a month in the vehicle and everything works great. Shift points, positive shifts with no slip, absolutely perfect and the wife is happy having her Suburban back. Win Win.
Verified Buyer: 
1993 K15 Blazer Build
I'd like to first thank Kelly for all the useful help. The transmission performs and delivers power excellent. I loved the way the product was packaged it had the Christmas spirit! I will for sure be purchasing future poducts from you!
Verified Buyer: 
And now I have an awesome 4L60E transmission
I have a ''53 Chevy 5 window pickup that I built. It has a 330 HP motor and 20 inch wheels on the back. And now I have an awesome 4L60E transmission. I just test drove it. It runs like a dream and shifts great. Monster Transmission, you build an awesome transmission. It was easy to put in and it rund great. It shifts great and I''ve got a lot of torque! It feels good! Awesome!
Verified Buyer: 
There are no reviews for this product!

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