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Posted by Stephen Skipper on 6/20/2017 to Monster Trans News

The year is 1905. Teddy Roosevelt is beginning his second term in office, the first Rotary Club was called together, and an automobile exceeds 100 mph for the first time. All these were significant events, but in the home of Papou Da’ Clutch, something else entirely was brewing. Monster Transmission is proud to announce the launch of our new automatic transmission fluid, Burn Rubber Brewing Company’s Fully Synthetic Cider. This project is more than a year in the making and the day is finally here. Nothing is more important than keeping your transmission clean of any grime and muck that might find its way in, and BRB is the best option to choose. Your vehicle is a loyal friend, and should be treated as such by giving them a drink from time to time, so why not a nice, cool serving of cider. 

 This fully synthetic cider consists of a special blend of synthetic base oils combined with a multi-functional additive system and advanced friction modulators (“science friction” to us) for sturdy protection and reliable performance for virtually all kinds of automatic transmissions that can be found on the market. No longer will consumers have to spend hours on end debating with themselves and owner’s manuals on which is the best kind of fluid to use on their transmissions to clean them out. BRB will soon be everyone’s favorite brand of choice, no matter how old or how new the transmission in question might be. 

 BRB comes with some magnificent benefits that makes it the best option on the market for any type of transmission. The automatic transmission fluid provides the best protection for clutches, gears, and pumps by reducing leaks and lowering the temperature while also using less fluid to prolong the life of your transmission. Friction control is another key feature, as reducing the friction in the transmission resists any thermal breakdown. Our fluid has excellent sealing features, as the material compatibility maintains seal integrity, thus preventing any leaks throughout the transmission, an important feature in any kind of transmission, showing how vital BRB can be for your vehicle. 

 This fully synthetic cider also reduces brake chatter in the vehicle, allowing for an all around better response when shifting between gears, in addition to the shifts being more smooth in the process. BRB will allow transmission systems to run cooler for longer periods of time, keeping both driver and vehicle on the road. As well as keeping the transmission running, the automatic transmission fluid will resist oxidation of the transmission, allowing the product to maintain its performance capabilities for a long while. 

Not only is BRB the next big automatic transmission fluid for the amount of transmissions it will be available for, the benefits provided ensure that your transmission will be able to stay running for years to come. Your very own case of BRB can be ordered online from monstertransmission.com, where it is currently on sale. While you're at it, check out our other Monster products for all your transmission needs. Remember your car is a loyal friend that deserves a drink for all its hard work, and Burn Rubber Brewing’s fully synthetic cider gives just that. Shift Responsibly.


Date 10/26/2017
Ken Milus
Hey guys and gals was wondering if your new brb tranny fluid is ok for my 01 ford f250 4x4 auto with7..3 powerstroke. Ive been warned about universal fluids in ford trannys. Whats your take on it. Thanks. Keep your crazy vidieos coming!!!!
Date 10/26/2017
Scott - Monster Transmission
Hey Ken, Thanks for checking in with us. Short answer is yes the Burn Rubber Brewery Transmission Fluid will work for your application. We are also glad to hear you are enjoying our videos...we really appreciate that! If you have any further questions feel free to give us a call at 800-708-0087. Thanks Ken!

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